Smith Chart 3.4.2     



    Smith Chart 3.4.2 is the latest version of the automated Smith Chart interactive design tool for the Mac, which allows the designer to easily and intuitively observe the effect of adding matching components to an electronic circuit.


    Smith Chart allows user-specified loss to all transmission lines, and open and short circuit stubs.  Tested using macOS Sierra this app requires OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher. 

    Features include:

    -64 Bit Operation

    -User-specified attenuation added to all transmission line elements

    -Editing of all Matching Components in both Matching and Frequency

      Sweep modes

    -Schematic Generation

    -Importation of Touchstone Files ( Download Sample Touchstone )

    -Noise Matching

    -Two-port Conjugate Matching

    -Generation of Noise Figure, Gain, and Stability Circles

    -Noise Figure, Gain, and Stability Rectangular Plots

    -Matching of Source to Load Conjugate, or Load to Source Conjugate

    -Compressed Smith Chart Display

    -Updated Help Menu

    -Improved Printing Images

    -Compatible with latest Retina Displays

    -Requires OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher

     Download the free User Guide...   Smith Chart 3.4.2.pdf


     Available Now:

      Price $14.99